Renaissance myON


Perfect for English Language Learners

Practice Makes Perfect

When it comes to digital content for English Language Learners, there’s no match. Students get 24/7 access to thousands of enhanced digital books, dynamically matched to their interest, grade and Lexile® level. Easy access, great content, putting teachers in control

Renaissance myON® Reader provides:

• Up to 10,000 enhanced digital books—fiction and nonfiction

• Unlimited simultaneous access—online, offline, any device

• Embedded tools, scaffolds, and projects to build literacy skills

• Real-time actionable data to monitor reading behavior and growth

Personalize literacy growth with access & choice


Number of books in the home that propel kids 3.2 years further intheir education.


Kids who say their favorite books were the ones they picked out themselves.


Increased likelihood of students who engage in high-quality daily reading practice to reach grade-level college and career readiness benchmarks

Why is myON a game changer? Hear from educators.

Build literacy skills with Embedded Supports

Incorporate myON Reader into a complete literacy curriculum with reading supports, close reading and writing tools, and a “projects” tool to create assignments for individuals, groups, or an entire class.

Reading supports

  • Scaffolds for early, emergent, and transitional readers
  • Professionally recorded audio to significantly improve pronunciation
  • A dictionary to build vocabulary in context

Close reading tools

  • Highlighter, shapes, drawing tool
  • Journal/notebook/sticky notes Citation creator

Writing tools

  • 12 graphic organizers
  • Essay writer, checklist, and peer review features

myON Projects

  • Create and assign individual, group, or whole class projects
  • Build your own projects or access projects shared by other educators

Monitor engagement as you Measure Growth

Actionable data through a series of 12 reports informs instruction while supporting program accountability requirements. Educators see customized information on student progress in key categories such as usage and proficiency, growth over time, and habits and trends.

Core Report

  • Monitor student activity andprogress including number of books opened, books completely read, pages read, minutes spent reading, and Lexile® level

Lexiles Report

  • Know which students haven’t taken a benchmark exam
  • See who is on track to meet the yearly growth goal so you can intervene and close gaps

Flexibility: Your students, your choices

All myON Reader subscriptions include a core library with thousands of digital titles. You’ll immediately have fiction and nonfiction content to meet a broad range of interests, grades, and reading levels. Add new content to your collection anytime and customize a package that meets your needs and goals.

  • Core Library: Over 5,500 titles from Capstone’s strong family of imprints
  • myON Classics: Digital versions of timeless classics available in English and Spanish
  • World Languages: Translations of 22 myON Core Collection titles into the languages spoken by many students at home
  • Partner Publishers: Nearly 4,500 additional titles available in addon collections from premier partner publishers
Sample Content Needs Publisher Collections Available?
Pre-K and Early Readers
Elementary: Curriculum-Focused
Elementary: STEM
Middle and High School: Curriculum-Focused
Middle and High School: High-Interest Fiction
RTI/Struggling Readers
Spanish-Speaking/Bilingual Students
English Learners (Elementary)
English Learners (Secondary)
Trade Fiction (Elementary)
Trade Fiction (Secondary)

Building engagement with current events and world news

myON® News, powered by News-O-Matic, delivers high-interest, age-appropriate news articles written specifically for kids, reporting on timely topics and current events to help students develop a better understanding of the world. These engaging daily news articles can be added to your myON Reader subscription or purchased separately.

  • Monitor student activity andprogress including number of books opened, books completely read, pages read, minutes spent reading, and Lexile® level
  • Safe, age-appropriate content reviewed by a child psychologist
  • Available in English, Spanish, and French and written in 3 Lexile® levels
  • Know which students haven’t taken a benchmark exam
  • Teacher Guides with helpful resources for classroom use
  • Articles can be read independently or assigned as myON Reader Projects

Engage students in reading, anytime, anywhere

  • A variety of formats and genres: fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels
  • Titles from respected publishers in both English and Spanish
  • Personalization via builtin Lexile® and interest assessments
  • Self-monitoring of progress gives students ownership
  • Students can access their own Profile Reports at school and at home
  • Educators can print and share Profile Reports to give families a visual overview of student progress

Accelerate Literacy Growth

myON Reader, part of our Renaissance Literacy Portfolio, is available alone or in a complete bundle with Accelerated Reader® and Star Assessments®. Empower teachers to chart a personalized literacy growth path for everystudent. Give them amazing 24/7 digital access, proven-effective reading practice at the right level, plus screening and progress monitoring to effectively intervene and guide greater growth for students of all abilities and at all levels.